Question: Why Did Apple Go Back To Glass?

Apple was charging $500+ to replace the back if you dropped the iPhone X, because they couldn’t just replace the glass, they had to transfer your whole phone to a new case.

So there’s that.

Again, they wanted to avoid metal.

But any other, more durable material would work just dandy.

Does the iPhone 11 have a glass back?

The new iPhone 11 Pro has three cameras on the back. The glass on the back contours around the cameras, and Apple claims it’s the “toughest glass” in a smartphone. The Pro models will have a soft-touch matte glass design that won’t attract fingerprints quite as much.10 Sep 2019

Do the new iPhones have glass backs?

All three of Apple’s next-generation iPhone models have stronger glass backs this year, and Apple says it’s the strongest glass ever used on any smartphones.12 Sep 2018

Why are iPhones made out of glass?

But this is apparently not just any glass. According to Apple, the glass on the new iPhones “are reinforced by a steel and copper structure with the 50 percent deeper strengthening layer using our dual ion-exchange process” making it “the most durable glass ever made in a smartphone.”23 Sep 2017

Is iPhone 11 unbreakable?

All of these drop tests have confirmed the iPhone 11 isn’t entirely indestructible, however. And while its glass holds up incredibly well, its metal frame still scuffs and bends pretty easily. You should probably still use a case to protect your pricey investment, then.23 Sep 2019

Does iPhone 11 break easily?

The extended warranty firm gave the iPhone 11 Pro a Breakability Score of 65, meaning it’s a medium risk to break due to an accident. The iPhone 11’s Breakability score of 73 makes it a medium-high risk, according to SquareTrade, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max is at the highest risk of breaking with a score of 85.23 Sep 2019