Quick Answer: What Were Some Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire?

What are the major achievements and contributions of the Byzantine Empire?

The name was given by historians only in 16th century. It was known as Roman Empire or simply Romania to its inhabitants. The major contribution of the Byzantine empire is the preservation of the Greek language and culture. Greek philosophy, ethics and science became a foundation of the Western civilization.

What were Justinian’s achievements?

Some of his most notable achievements include Belisarius and Justinian’s reconquering of lost territories, Justinian’s Code which unified the empire under a single set of laws, and his Rebuilding of Constantinople into one of the best cities there ever was, after the Nika revolt destroyed most of it.

How was the Byzantine Empire able to survive for so long what were some of its major achievements?

The Byzantine Empire survived for many reasons. First, it had ample agricultural supplies, and it had a good infrastructure system that funneled these supplies back to Constantinople. It was well-defended as well—in the latter days of the empire, Constantinople used some of the heaviest walls in the medieval world.

What did the Byzantine Empire invent?

The Best Inventions from the Byzantine Empire

This list of Byzantine inventions includes items like the counterweight trebuchet, grenade, and pedentive dome, as well as modern Byzantine inventions like the flamethrower.

What are three achievements of the Byzantine Empire?

Major Achievements – Byzantine empire and russia. One of The Byzantine empire’s great achievements was the preservation of Roman and Greek Culture. In 476 in the West, the Romans collapsed. Along with their downfall, many libraries and other documents were lost.

Why did the Byzantine Empire fall?

The dwindling Byzantine Empire came to an end when the Ottomans breached Constantinople’s ancient land wall after besieging the city for 55 days. Mehmed surrounded Constantinople from land and sea while employing cannon to maintain a constant barrage of the city’s formidable walls.

Who was the best Byzantine emperor?

Constantine the Great was a Roman Emperor (306 – 337) who built a new imperial residence at Byzantium (back then it was an Ancient Greek colony.

What were Justinian Two major accomplishments?

One of Justinian’s greatest accomplishments is that he married well. The rebellion was easily put down and Justinian remained emperor. As emperor, Justinian made great reforms in the areas of law, urban development, and conquest. His Justinian Code curbed bureaucratic corruption in the empire for centuries.

What is Constantinople called today?

Constantinople is an ancient city in modern-day Turkey that’s now known as Istanbul.