What Material Does Not Conduct Heat Well?

These include copper (92), iron (11), water (0.12), and wood (0.03).

At the opposite end of the spectrum is a perfect vacuum, which is incapable of conducting heat, and is therefore ranked at zero.

Materials that are poor conductors of heat are called insulators.

What is a material that doesn’t conduct heat well?

An insulator is a material that does not allow a transfer of electricity or energy. Materials that are poor thermal conductors can also be described as being good thermal insulators. Well-insulated buildings need less energy for heating than buildings that have no insulation.

What material is a good conductor of heat?


Which of the following materials is not a good conductor of heat?

Wood, leads, non metal are not good conductor of heat. Poor conductors are any material that does not conduct electricity, heat or both very well and are generally known as insulators.