What Is The Soft Spot On A Baby’s Head Called?

Your baby’s soft spot is actually two spots called fontanelles — one on top of that sweet little head, and a second, smaller one toward the back — that are gaps between the bones of your baby’s skull.

What is soft spot on baby head?

The soft spot on the back of your baby’s head is called the posterior fontanelle. It’s usually smaller than the other fontanelle and shaped like a triangle. The fontanelle on the top of her head is the anterior fontanelle. It is larger and diamond-shaped.

What happens if you touch the soft spot on a baby’s head?

When you touch your baby’s soft spots, known as the fontanels, you’re not touching his brain. The soft spots exist so your baby can safely negotiate the narrow birth canal. Since his skull is flexible, your little one’s downy head has already survived a pretty rough ride with no harm done.

When should I be concerned about my baby’s soft spot?

When to call the doctor

Remember, there’s no need to be overly concerned about your baby’s fontanelle — or even to be overly protective of it — but if you notice that baby’s soft spot appears very sunken, it’s important that you contact your pediatrician right away.

How big should a baby’s soft spot be?

What is a normal size for a soft spot? Soon after birth, the soft spot is about 1 by 1 inch. It can get as large as 2 by 2 inches. If the area is larger than this, you should have your child checked by your healthcare provider.