Quick Answer: What Are Ceramic Rings Made Of?

Most ceramic rings are made from titanium carbide; it is a material composed of the metal titanium and carbon atoms.

Ceramic rings are extremely hard-wearing, but without the natural brittleness that Tungsten has, meaning they are much less likely to crack.

What are ceramic wedding rings made of?

Ceramic rings are made out of jewelry grade zirconium ceramic, also known as a titanium carbide. Jewelry grade Ceramic is incredibly hard and virtually scratch proof in any color. The luster of ceramic rings are much like tungsten rings where the surface shine will last a lifetime.

Is ceramic good for rings?

Ceramic is extremely resistant to heat, making it an ideal material for electrical components. One of the biggest benefits to ceramic rings is the fact that they are hypoallergenic. Chances are, you know someone with a skin allergy who can’t wear certain metals.

Is tungsten or ceramic better?

If you are interested in a black band, we recommend looking into black ceramic as opposed to black tungsten. Ceramic is also very lightweight compared to tungsten carbide. In terms of hardness, tungsten carbide is rated at 9 on the Mohs scale while ceramic is 7 (diamond is a 10 and gold is 3 to give a sense of scale).

Do ceramic rings turn your finger green?

All of our ceramic rings are Cobalt Free and hypoallergenic. Our rings will not cause skin irritations or turn your fingers green. All rings come with lifetime warranty.

Do ceramic rings scratch easily?

Ceramic rings are much harder than tungsten in density, less in weight. In most cases, the ceramic will chip and crack more often than the tungsten, the tungsten is more often going to damage the floor.

Can you cut off a ceramic ring?

Any ring can be be removed in an emergency. Most rings will have to be cut off, but extremely hard materials like tungsten carbide and ceramic rings will need to be “cracked off” rather than cut off. This might sound scarier than cutting off a ring, but it is actually faster and easier to do than cutting off a ring.

Why is ceramic so expensive?

Machining is generally very hard to do for most ceramics. The raw materials to make ceramic parts is cheap, but the process to make them is expensive. Metals are often the other way around, with precious metal materials being expensive, but the process used to machine them being less expensive.

Does ceramic break easily?

Ceramics are brittle because they’re loaded with irregularly distributed pores. Some ceramics, like bricks, have large pores. “The larger the pore, the easier it is to break,” Greer says. If you’ve ever broken a ceramic vase or some such, the break probably originated at a pore.

Is ceramic jewelry durable?

Metals like platinum and stainless steel are quite durable but carbide ceramics are more durable than these metals. The strength of these ceramics makes them highly scratch resistant. Other damage that these rings are resistant of include staining and dents.