Quick Answer: Is Pink Diamond Stronger Than White Diamond?

[Explanation] Pink Diamond is NOT more powerful than White Diamond.

You may have seen the scene in the latest Steven Universe episode called ‘Change Your Mind’ where Pink Steven gets attacked directly by White Diamond.

Also, the reason White Diamond fell onto the ground is because she was focusing her mind on Steven.

Is pink diamond the most powerful?

Out of Pink, Yellow, and Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond is the most rare. As for value, Blue and Yellow are tied for most, White is in second, and Pink is the least valuable. Excluding White Diamond from this part, but out of the diamonds, Blue’s court is the most powerful.

Is pink diamond white diamond?

Pink Diamond

Pink Pearl was then given to White Diamond, although it is uncertain when and why. It is possible that she was taken away by White Diamond as punishment to Pink Diamond as Blue had warned her. It is also possible that she was taken away after Pink permanently damaged her during a tantrum.

Who is the strongest diamond?

Scientists have calculated that wurtzite boron nitride and lonsdaleite (hexagonal diamond) both have greater indentation strengths than diamond. Source: English Wikipedia. (PhysOrg.com) — Currently, diamond is regarded to be the hardest known material in the world.

Why did white diamond turn pink?

If this keeps up, she’s going to take away your Pearl. It was revealed that White Diamond took away Pink Diamond’s Pearl because of Pink’s behavior, controlling her in the process.

Who is Jasper’s diamond?

Jasper is the central antagonist of Steven Universe. She is a Homeworld Gem soldier who is bent on destroying the Crystal Gems and their leader Rose Quartz to avenge the presumed death of her superior, Pink Diamond, which turned her into Steven’s arch-nemesis and most frequent enemy.

Why is pink diamond so powerful?

Abilities. As a Diamond, Pink Diamond was one of the most powerful Gems in existence. She possessed standard Gem abilities including Fusion, bubbling, shapeshifting, superhuman strength and durability. Her other abilities have been shown while she was in the form of Rose Quartz.

Did pink diamond die?

Confirmed Theory

The fact that Pink diamond is real and died a long time ago, and also Rose was from Pink Diamond’s court/gems it has been all confirmed in the episode “Back to the Moon”.

What is white diamond’s flaw?

White diamonds flaw is she has a narcissistic element to her. She believes everything was created in her image and she is the ultimate. But thats her personality flaw.

Can you return pink diamonds?

After Steven’s gem out of his belly button, Pink Diamond has returned with her new form just like Rose Quartz version so watch this.

What can break a diamond?

As an example, you can scratch steel with a diamond, but you can easily shatter a diamond with a hammer. The diamond is hard, the hammer is strong. Whether something is hard or strong depends on its internal structure. A diamond is made entirely of carbon atoms which are joined in a lattice-type structure.

Are Diamonds bulletproof?

Diamond Armor is certified bulletproof by NATO standards, waterproof thanks to nano-technology sealing and has an EMPA air conditioning system in-built to keep the wearer cool.

What can cut a diamond?

Cleaving or sawing

Sawing is the use of a diamond saw or laser to cut the diamond rough into separate pieces.