How Do I Get Rid Of Artex?

Is it safe to remove Artex?

Is it safe to remove Artex?

Yes, you can remove Artex or other textured ceiling or wall coverings using the X-Tex product.

X-Tex keeps the covering wet whilst it is being removed and ensures there are no harmful dust or asbestos dust fibres that can be inhaled.

Can you sand Artex off walls?

Artex® can also be plastered over. You can do this using a hand scraper or wall scraper and if you want to go the extra step you can also sand it down and get it as flat as possible as this will further aid in the final finish and also the ease in which it can be plastered over.

Are Artex ceilings out of fashion?

Artex ceilings

Sometimes referred to as ‘popcorn’ or ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings, they fell out of favour years ago, not only because the look was no longer considered fashionable, but also because until the mid-80s Artex was made with white asbestos to make it stronger.

How do I know if there is asbestos in my Artex?

How do I know if my Artex contains asbestos? Most textured coatings are painted white. However, if a small area is damaged, it may reveal the true colour of the coating beneath the paint. For example, an orangey-brown or grey colour will usually indicate that the coating is plaster (as opposed to a true Artex coating).

How dangerous is Artex?

Artex and other textured coatings can contain small amounts of asbestos, but the fibres are well bonded and not easily released. As artex is often found on ceilings it is not easily damaged in building occupation, and providing the artex is not damaged you are not at risk.

Do Artex ceilings put buyers off?

19. Artex or textured ceilings (18%) Retro is one thing, but artex and textured ceilings appear to be a major turn-off for buyers.

How easy is it to plaster over Artex?

First steps to plastering over Artex

Lightly dampen the surface with a large, wet sponge. Remove any loose or prominent texture ‘nibs’ using a stripping knife (or spatula provided, if using Smooth-It kit) Apply Artex Stabilex liberally, to seal the surface, and allow to dry.

How much does it cost to skim a ceiling?

Plastering Price List

Size of House Price Time to Complete
Plaster a Large Room £1,000-£1,375 3-4 days
Plaster Small Ceiling £200-£350 6-10 hours
Plaster Medium Ceiling £280-£440 8-12 hours
Plaster Large Ceiling £425-£725 2-3 days

5 more rows

Is ceiling coving old fashioned?

Modern built homes rarely feature coving nowadays in either Europe or North America. Old fashioned coving creates a curve between the top of the wall and the ceiling, and is usually painted white, to create an approximate mirror image of the skirting board at the other end of the wall.

How do you hide Artex ceilings?

Paint the artex surface with PVA adhesive as this will help the plaster stick and slow down the moisture absorption.

  • Dilute the PVA with a 1:1 ratio with water and mix well.
  • Using a large emulsion brush, paint the PVA solution on the ceiling and leave the PVA to dry (roughly one hour)

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