Can Porcelain Tiles Be Sanded?

You sand porcelain tile to prepare it for repainting and resealing.

Porcelain tile has a shiny, smooth and lustrous appearance that makes it a very attractive addition to your home.

Ironically, you prepare porcelain tile to be refurbished by sanding so that it loses its gloss and has a scratchy surface.

Can you use sandpaper on porcelain?

Yes, sandpaper. You must remember to use very fine-grit sandpaper, and the porcelain must remain wet at all times. As long as the porcelain is wet, the sandpaper will “float” on the surface and will not scratch it.

How do you rough up porcelain tile?

How to Rough Up Glazed Tile

  • Clean the tile surface with a degreaser cleanser specifically formulated to strip off wax or grease from the tile surface.
  • Insert a piece of 220-grit grit sandpaper on an orbital sander.
  • Begin sanding a corner of the tile, moving the sander in small, circular motions over the surface.

How do you round the edges of porcelain tile?

Use a tile wet saw that has been fitted with a bullnose blade. The blade will grind down the edge of the tile into a curve that will make the gentle transition to the wall. Then use an angle grinder with a polishing pad to buff up the edge to match the finish on the rest of the tile.